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Dunsparce plushie for Sale!

This was my last plush at Kumoricon, and it didn’t end up finding a home! ;O; Would you like to make it yours?

This plush is a blend of ultracuddle and minky fabric, lying at 20 inches long! It would make for a great pillow or cuddly little friend.  Dunsparce is $60 USD with free shipping!

Feel free to send me a message, or more reliably, send me an e-mail at if you’d like to make Dunsparce yours! You’d be helping me out a lot if I can give it a new home!

Dunsparce belongs to the Pokemon Company and Nintendo.  Made for fan purposes only.

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A set of eeveelutions I did for Nagucon a little over a month ago.   I know they’ll all have good homes!  I’m going to miss Glaceon and Vaporeon the most!

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This summer was just kind of something for me, I can’t really describe, but I’m happy with what I accomplished with trying out the con scene and juggling commissions.  Things could have been better, but that’s something I’ll just have to strive for from here on out.

I think I’m going to miss those little foxes the most.

Thanks for all who stopped by our table at Kumoricon!

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So I worked on a couple of Gnar plushies.  

They’re made with an ultra cuddle fabric and I learned a lot of new things working on them.  They were a ton of fun, and I know that they’ll have happy homes!

Gnar (c) League of Legends, Riot Games.

Made for fan purposes only.

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Hello there, just wanted to ask if you still sell these adorable fernhounds, and how much one would cost?

Asked by Anonymous

I certainly do still sell these adorable fernhounds! They are $40 USD each with free shipping! 

If you’re interested in having one of your own, e-mail me at  !  Thank you!!

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Repede Plushie [SOLD!]

This guy’s made of ultra-cuddle fabric with fleece props. The sword is made of baked clay. From nose to tail-tip, Repede is 20 inches long, and from toe to ear, 15 inches.  If you’d like one of your own, send me a message, and I can give you quotes! Thanks!

Repede belongs to Tales of Vesperia

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[Currently, Commissions are OPEN]

Hello! And thanks for stopping by my page and looking through my work.  Just below is a small guide to the sort of plushies I can work on for you!

I will make the following:
Pokemon, game/anime/cartoon fanart, original characters**

**If the OC belongs to a different creator, I can’t and will not work on a plush of it until I receive some written consent from that creator, thanks!

I will not make:
Overly-detailed (please message if you’re unsure)plushies, robots, humans, homestuck or Disney characters.

Pricing Information:
Prices below are ranged and based on the size, complexity and material chosen for the plush. Please send a note for a final price quote.  

Small plush- 4 to 8 inches tall: $25-$80 USD
Medium Plush- 10 to 16 inches tall: $50-$110 USD
Large Plush- 20 to 36 Inches tall: $70-$250 USD
Larger sizes- Please inquire via Note/ E-mail

Small plush- 4 to 8 inches tall: $45-$100 USD
Medium Plush- 10 to 16 inches tall: $70-$130 USD
Large Plush- 20 to 36 Inches tall: $90-$300 USD
Larger sizes- Please inquire via Note/ E-mail

Payment Options:
- Payments are primarily through Paypal.  If that is not available to you, I would be happy to work out other means of payment.
- I cannot start on a plushie until I receive a payment.
- Payment can be done upfront, or in two installments for plushies over $80 USD. For the half/half payment plan, the first is to cover material and some labor, the rest is for when it is finished and to your liking.  I cannot ship the plush until it is completely paid for.
- If you must cancel, please know that I can only refund half of the payment if I have already started on the plush. 

Commission Slot Information
-I always have 10 Active slots for commissions, and as one slot is finished, it will immediately become available for anyone waiting for a slot. I can accept 2-3 plushies per slot.
-Please e-mail your commission interest to with the form below. Have the subject like read something along the lines of a plush order, I’d really appreciate it!  E-mail is my only reliable method of contact at the moment, as I’ve had terrible luck with notes/messages getting eaten on deviantart or tumblr.  I do my best to try keeping in touch on these websites, sending multiple notes, but I can only do it so much before I start eating into my own work time. You are more than welcome to send me Notes if you are looking for price quotes or if for some reason I haven’t responded. Thank you.

Commission Form:
Character(s): (Picture references would be great!)
Size: (See Price Lists above for sizes, the smallest I will go is 4”,and please ask if you have anything in mind over 36”)
Material: (Prices are affected by material. Ultra-cuddle and Fleece are less-expensive and easier for me to find, while Minky has a bigger price tag,the quality worth it!)
Specific requests: (If you’re looking for a custom design, accessories or poses, that goes here!)
Payment method: (Paypal is preferred, but we can work out other safe means if it is not available to you!)

Shipping Information:
- Shipping is not included in the price lists above.  
- Cost varies anywhere from $5-$25+ depending on the size, any multiple orders of plushies and if I must ship outside of North America.
- I do ship worldwide! Please note that shipping may be expensive depending on location and size of plush.
- Tracking comes with all plush orders.
- I ship ASAP as soon as the plush is finished and completely paid for.
- You will be notified once the plush is shipped, and I will have tracking information for you too.

- Plushies can take anywhere from 1-3 weeks for me to complete. It is based on the complexity and size of the plush, as well as the workload for my other job.
- I do my best to work in order of my commission slot list. Regardless, I keep in contact with you to keep you updated on progress.
- I can’t promise to meet deadlines, however, I can work out rush orders if need be.

Thank you for taking a look and hopefully considering me for work.  I really do appreciate every chance I get to work on plushies, as it helps me push my talent further, as well as it keeps a roof over my head! Thanks again!

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Sylvan Fernhound- 10” Tall — Made with Ultracuddle.

I’ve been in a Guild Wars 2 kick, and with the release of new Minis, sylvan hounds are FINALLY minis! I had to make one.. or well, four! If you’d like one for yourself today, please send me a message, and I would be happy to send one on your way. Since I want to find these pups homes as soon as I can, shipping is free.  

Help me find these little puppies homes? Thank you!

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Noivern- 10” Tall, made with minky. 

I’ve been wanting to make a noivern for a long time, and I’m really happy with the results.  If you would like to make it yours, please send me a message or check out the ebay listing for it!  I do not display prices publicly for the sake of competitive pricing.  Since I want to find this little bat a home soon, shipping will be free.

Help me find him a new home! Thank you!

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Celebi —16” Tall — Blend of ultra cuddle and minky

If you or you know someone who would like to give this adorable little forest fairy pokemon a new home, please send me a message, and I can give you prices.  Since I’d like to find it a new home ASAP, the shipping is free.  

Thank you!